This blog attempts to foster engagement between the Academy and the Church. It is hosted and moderated by J. Aaron Simmons (Associate Professor of Philosophy at Furman University) and Seth Cain (Vicar / Pastor at The Village Church  in Greenville, SC). All academics and pastors who are interested in trying to find ways to intersect the life of the mind and the life of faith are encouraged to contribute regardless of philosophical tradition or Christian denomination. Crucially, although it is likely that many contributors will probably identify as Christian, Christian identity is not required. Any attempt to think well about the ways in which the Academy and the Church can be critical resources for each other is welcome.

Emerging out of a friendship and mutually challenging conversation between a philosopher (Aaron) and a pastor (Seth), this blog hopes to foster more such friendships and more such conversations. Come, let’s walk together and talk along the way. 

Importantly, the hosts are merely here to engage with the contributors and those who comment as equal partners in dialogue. We may or may not endorse or affirm the specific claims made by those who contribute to or comment on this blog. Indeed, we disagree with each other in important and productive ways. That said, there is no official Philosophy Goes to Church position on anything other than the conviction that it is mutually beneficial for the Church and the Academy to engage in dialogue that is constructive and critical, even though it is often challenging and difficult to do so.

All inquiries about doing a guest post, or any suggestions for the blog, should be directed to J. Aaron Simmons at aaron.simmons@furman.edu.


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